HCC bucket analytics on HIE data

REPORT: Number of terms searched 105

Bucket Term Count

Diabetes Diabetes 23


PVD Vascular 30
PVD Atherosclerosis 2
PVD Ulcers 8
PVD calcification 3

MDD Depression 26

Substance Dependence Alcohol 44
Substance Dependence substance abuse 3

Angina Atherosclerosis 2
Angina Chest pain 17
Angina Stent 10

CKD Hyperparathyroidism 1

Cancer Cancer 42
Cancer Malignan 6
Cancer Neoplasm 5

Episodes of Care emergency 4

CMS-Immunization influ 8
CMS-Immunization immunization 6
CMS-Immunization zostavax 1

CMS-Cancer Screen colonoscopy 39
CMS-Cancer Screen colon polyp 29
CMS-Cancer Screen fit 10
CMS-Cancer Screen mammogram 26
CMS-Cancer Screen mamm 30
CMS-Cancer Screen mam 37
CMS-Cancer Screen bi-rad 2

CMS-Bone Density dexa 5
CMS-Bone Density bone density 31

About Medical Coding Analytics

Founded by a physician and technologist with over 20 years of medical practice experience. Summarizing critical health information from the clinical record since 2014. "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." -- Kofi Annan
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